Things We Must Do Before We Die

Things We Must Do Before We Die

For sure we won’t waste a single day doing nothing if we only know the exact time, day and year when we’ll die. We’ll definitely move heaven and earth just to be able to accomplish our goals and our hearts’ desires, if only we could foresee when it’s going to happen.

But then should we fear that day?

Wouldn’t it be better if we just do now all the things we want to do? Isn’t it more rewarding if we try to reach our goals in life while we’re still young and healthy? If so, what should we do to realize the things, or the only things relevant in this lifetime? Well, we have some suggestions on what should be our priorities, and the things we must do before we die. Here they are, in no particular order:

Always find time for loved ones.

We tend to have very busy schedules in school and at work we forget the people we consider the “wings beneath our wings.” We often take them for granted, especially our aging parents and even our pets that have shorter lifespan than us. Their world actually revolves just around us!

We can’t avoid having hectic schedules, but we can try having quality time with our loved ones. It’s better if we stop using our gadgets in front of them so we can talk with them more. We should give them the attention they need from us when we’re with them.

Give our best in our studies.

Study with all our hearts. And this shouldn’t just be for ourselves only. It should be for our families so that we can help them eventually, for the improvement of our economic status. This is important for the people we’ll leave behind.

This goal should also be for our country. Studying well today will help us obtain better jobs soon. It means we belong to the percentage of working people in our nation that pay taxes for the improvement of roads, bridges and public utilities. What’s more, our talents and skills become our contributions to the world when we share them. When we train others, they can contribute as well for the improvement of lives across the globe.

Invest and insure ourselves.

Why don’t we invest to have a better lives? It won’t just be for ourselves but for our generations to come. Gambling in life is good when it means investing in stocks and mutual funds for the sake of our loved ones.

On the other hand, getting an insurance will benefit not only us but our families. It’s one, nice way to prepare for a bright future.

Explore ourselves and the world.

It’s essential that we know ourselves fully. Let’s explore the person within each of us. Aside from this, let’s appreciate all the talents and skills that we have. What’s better than enjoying our passion? Let’s celebrate who and what we are.

It’s likewise best to travel within and outside our country and enjoy the wonders of the world. Let’s be glad to open our eyes to different cultures and to meet people of varied nationalities. It’s really true that “happiness is not found at the end of the road. It is found along the way.”

Inculcate values in life.

It’s scary to imagine how the world can stop revolving in just a blink of an eye, or if our lives will suddenly end and we’re not ready for it at all. But it’s not yet happening. What’s happening all across the globe is millions of people taking their own lives. This is because of depression and too much problems which they thought they could no longer handle. But why is it that people now are more vulnerable, insecure and lost? Have we contributed to their problems?

Maybe we weren’t able to instill in them the values they need to survive in the kind of world we live in. And maybe we didn’t tell them how unique and special they are. We should tell them it’s okay to be just the way they are.

We should never get tired of teaching them respect for all kinds of creation. Also, we should never fail to value their lives as well as those of others.

Give importance to virtues.

In this harsh and cruel world, may we also learn to instill kindness and forgiveness to the young generation. These traits are very important for their holistic growth.

Kindness includes reaching out to those in need, be they human beings or animals. On the other hand, forgiveness means really forgiving the unforgivable people who did us wrong.


Treasure faith, hope and love.

They are the most important things we can carry in our hearts should we come to the end of our journey in this world. Faith is the ultimate purpose of our lives. We can look forward to a life after death because of it. We can truly love because its major source is the faith we keep in our hearts.

When our lives finally end, there’s really nothing we can do but accept the fact that we are here on earth on a temporary basis.

All the things we accomplish, as well as all the material things we painstakingly obtained for our loved ones, will lose any value. What matters is the persons we are within.

When that day comes, may we all be ready to face our Maker. May we all be grateful for our exciting journey. And may we be able to tell ourselves that we’ve lived very meaningful and truly purpose-driven lives.

But for now, let’s enjoy every moment, every day that we get to wake up healthy and strong. Let’s appreciate the beauty of everything around us. We can truly make each day the best day of our lives.