Invest Now, Enjoy Life Later

Invest Now, Enjoy Life Later

One of the best things you can do while you’re still young is to invest in stocks. It’s an exciting venture that will provide you comfort especially when you reach senility, as well as an additional source of fund, aside from insurances and bank savings. Because you, like everyone else, need to prepare for the future, if you want to feel accomplished and successful even before you reach retirement age.

Not interested in stocks?

Well, you should be. There are a lot of good things done when you invest. You’re helping your own self have a better future, of course. But aside from this, you’re helping companies gain more profit which can result to more jobs for your countrymen. And what’s more, you’re helping in the nation building as taxes paid by companies go to road construction and other relevant projects of the government for its people. See? Investing in stocks is not only for your benefit, but for the country’s!

And so how do you start investing in stocks?


First of all, seek the advice of your friends who are into stocks for some time now.

Find out who their broker is or brokers are, and search about them if you want. Attend their seminars so that you will have an idea about the top companies to invest in. Your choice of companies is a major factor in the success of your venture.

Second, choose the type of investment that best suits you.

You can choose between passive and active tradings. The seminars will enlighten you about these. But to give you an idea, passive trading is long-term investing where you can just let your money grow through the companies you’ve chosen to invest in. You can choose mutual fund investing where professionals manage your stocks for you. Or you can manage your own stocks yourself by  distributing your funds through the companies you’ve chosen to invest in. Just add money regularly to your stock account then let it grow through the years.

Active trading, on the other hand, requires your attention since the fund you invest in is for short-term purposes. It means selling and buying shares, depending on the stock market movements. Analysis and prediction of stocks’ chart (highs and lows) and market trends are important to determine and understand if you prefer this strategy. Well, if you’re a newbie, investing by passive trading is much better for you.

No fund to invest in stocks because you’re still young and you still don’t have the budget for this?

I’ve got good news for you! You can invest for as low as 5,000 pesos if you’re in the Philippines. But if you still don’t have 5,000 pesos, there are ways to raise money. You can organize a garage sale. Search your things. There may be books, clothes, shoes, bags, or accessories which are in good quality but you no longer use. You can earn money from all those things. And that will serve as a means to raise the 5,000 pesos you need. You may also offer your skills and talents by applying for online jobs. Just make sure your studies will not suffer. So you have to learn to manage your time between studying and working during your spare time.

However, if you’ve already graduated in college and you already have a job, you can save a certain amount of money each pay day. And one day you’ll just be surprised to find you’ve already saved enough or even more for your initial capital to invest in stocks.

Don’t forget to monitor your funds online and don’t get scared when the stock index turn red or low.

That’s actually the time you should buy more stocks. Why? The price of stocks are low during this time. So you should add more shares then. You’ll gain profit eventually!

Investing in stocks is yes, a risky thing. But it’s worth taking, anyway, because you are thinking of a brighter future. And all you have to do is add money to your account on a regular basis. By doing so, your money will grow through the years without so much effort from you!

The advantage of investing in stocks at a young age is that you can just add a little amount of money from time to time on a regular basis without too much pressure. You have many years ahead of you to make your investments.

But don’t think that you can no longer enjoy your youth when you invest in stocks. You just have to learn to manage your funds. There are ways to still do all the things you want to do if you learn how to allot your funds and when to spend some of it for leisure.

Most of all, don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones. Investing time in your relationships is still the most important thing you can do in your lifetime. Remember that you’re also investing in stocks for them. You may also encourage your loved ones to invest in stocks themselves.

So where should you invest?

As mentioned earlier, you can attend seminars to find out the best companies where you can buy shares. You should keep in mind the products or services that are needed by all people, not just for the present, but for the future as well. Check the reliability and performance of the companies. You may also ask for your friends’ advice, especially if they have stock accounts for a long time now.

Check the list of companies where you can buy shares of stocks, and see if your favorite companies are there. For example, if you love eating in a fast food store that continues to expand locally and internationally, then buy stocks from this company. Likewise, if you love going and staying in malls, why not buy shares of stocks of the mall? That way, you won’t just be strolling in it, but you’re also observing how successful the business is, as you’re part of its shareholders. Isn’t that amazing?

Investing can make you feel accomplished even at a young age. It can also add excitement into your life. So start buying stocks now and stop putting it off any longer. Invest now and enjoy life at its best later.