Jollibee: A Yummy Stock Investment

Jollibee: A Yummy Stock Investment

I felt my tummy growling one rush hour in Manila. Actually, my feet and legs were tired waiting for a UV Express van in a public terminal so I decided to eat first then I’d just return to the terminal within an hour.

I went to a nearby shopping mall and looked for a fast food chain that could satisfy my hunger. There were about four different food stores inside the mall but one was obviously the people’s favorite.

Can you guess what it was?

It was the Jollibee fast food chain.

People patiently stood in line to order their meals and I followed suit. Well, this wasn’t just about the varieties of meals–especially value meals–to choose from, but also about the friendly faces of the store crew, and most especially, the very affordable prices of its meals!

Who couldn’t resist the delicious taste of Jollibee spaghetti? Or its luscious chicken joy combined with rice, soup, French fries, sundae and drinks? Most of all, who could ever forget its very affordable burger? My favorite and yours too–the yum burger!

There was something about its yum burger that made me buy not just one but two! It was delicious but it only costs about 30 pesos. And as I savor every bite, I realized that it wasn’t only this yummy burger and other meals that I loved about Jollibee.

It was also because I chose Jollibee to be one of the companies where I really wanted to buy stocks.

My reason to eat at Jollibee was to have an affordable yet delicious meal and to save some money too. Because of the prices of meals that were not hard on the wallet, I felt happy to eat there while at the same time enjoying the thought that I was a stockholder of Jollibee!

I am confident that Jollibee was a wise stock investment because it’s been around for so many years. It has stood the test of time and has earned the trust and love of the people.

Jollibee has also expanded its food chains and has opened branches in some countries. Also, its jolly bee mascot is very much loved by every kid and even by people of all ages. For sure, it has found its way into the hearts of the Filipinos, making it the most visited food chain in the country.

So if you decide to invest in stocks, make sure you choose Jollibee as one of the companies to buy shares. You won’t regret the decision as it is one of the most reliable and profit-yielding corporations in the Philippines. You also get to help your country when you invest in its local companies. You’re actually earning not just for your own self but for your beloved country.

And so as I returned to the public transportation terminal, I felt happy to find that there were already lots of vehicles. What’s more, I still had one piece of yum burger I could eat within the three hours’ travel.

I definitely enjoyed my Jollibee food and appreciate the long lines of people waiting to place their orders at the counter. Because the more people I could see at every Jollibee store, the more successful my stock investment would be!