The Most Important Lessons in Life

The Most Important Lessons in Life

All of us learn important lessons in life and we often learn them the hard way. If only we could foresee the things that are going to happen, then perhaps we can better prepare ourselves from these lessons.

Life is oftentimes hard to fathom. Its twist and turns can leave us perplexed and overwhelmed. Yet sooner or later we’ll realize how amazing and fun it can also be!

Let’s ponder about some of the most important lessons in life.

These are just some of the best things we need to discover to understand and appreciate life better.

Forgiveness heals.

When we forgive, we’re doing our very own selves (not the ones who did us wrong) a great favor. We’re saving ourselves from serious illnesses that may come up due to too much anger, hatred, regret and frustrations.

Let’s make time to release our anger by confiding to someone, or by discussing it with the person or persons who hurt us, then let go of all those pent-up negative emotions that are ruining our days or even our lives.

Kindness is one of the best things in life.

It never goes out of style. Kindness warms our hearts.

When we reach out to those in need, we experience happiness in a much deeper level. It pays to do acts of kindness, even the simplest ones, every day.

Happiness can be found when we learn not to focus on ourselves.

We’re mistaken if we think we’ll be happy if we focus on our own selves, needs and wants. But if we learn to not make ourselves the center of our attention, we’ll realize that happiness can easily be found when we think of others first.

Overthinking worsens the negativity we find in life.

Worries, doubts and fear cause us to overthink. These make us prone to depression, insecurity and misery. Yet if we really think about it, overthinking shouldn’t be entertained.  Our days will be much brighter and better if we could control our minds not to worry too much because it is just a waste of time. It doesn’t change a thing and it just brings us stress and anxiety.

Fears and problems should be resolved NOW.

There’s no better day than today to face our fears and problems. If we don’t act on it as soon as possible, we will just resort to self-pity and worry. So let’s make a step forward by finding solutions to these difficulties. Now.

The most difficult, saddest and darkest moments of our lives won’t stay forever.

Those painful moments will pass, just like every other moment we experience as we journey through life. May we learn to let go of what’s hurting us, no matter how hard it seems to do.

Time is of essence.

Sometimes, we wake up to a brand new day with boredom and emptiness. If only we could see clearly how important every day is, then we wouldn’t  greet the day without purpose. Let’s not wait to be ill before we appreciate each day with eagerness and hope.

Spend time with the ones we love. All those hours we spend working hard will just be wasted if we suddenly lose the ones we love. Let’s not ever take them for granted and make sure we spend regular quality time with them.

Imperfections shouldn’t be a hindrance for us to be a masterpiece.

Nobody’s perfect. And we shouldn’t even try very hard to be one. Our imperfections make us unique and special. So let’s not criticize one another for not being perfect. It is better if we find the masterpiece in each of us by seeing the inner beauty and by focusing on the positive things in each other.

Words can destroy or enrich our lives.

They can be as sharp as knives and the wounds they cause are deeper.

Let’s always be careful with the words we utter. They can damage a day or even a life of a person. Speak words that heal and encourage at all times.

Material things can never replace love, hope and joy…

Yes, material things are important in this day and age. But they can’t replace the things that can never be bought. Material things can give us temporary happiness only. So let’s give more importance to all kinds of relationships we have in our lives. They matter more.

…but financial literacy should be learned and be taught to the next generation.

We do need to make our lives on earth much better for us and for our next generation. While we’re here, it’s better if we learn how to manage our finances. We must learn to save, avoid debts as much as possible and invest in different financial platforms. We don’t have to aim for too much wealth. It’s enough to prepare for sudden illnesses, emergencies, and retirement.

Gratitude and positive thinking make our lives worth living.

There are so many trials and difficulties in life. But we can look at all of these as blessings in disguise.

It’s better if we can express gratitude in every good thing done for us. And we can try looking at things in a more positive note. By doing so, we can carry our burdens much better. We can push ourselves more to improve our situation.

Wisdom is one of the greatest gifts we can receive.

We are blessed if we’re blessed with intelligence, but we are more blessed if we gain wisdom. It’s having the insight to understand people, situation and things better based on experience and knowledge learned through the years.

But we don’t have to grow so old before we can obtain wisdom.

We only have to meet people from different walks of life, observe where they’re coming from, put our feet in their shoes and express respect. It’s also best if we talk to people of different ages, especially old ones. They have so many stories to tell which can give us better understanding of people and life itself.

Love starts with ourselves.

We should learn to love ourselves first before we can love others. So let’s appreciate the persons that we are, accept our flaws, celebrate our talents and skills. If we can learn to love ourselves that way, we can all the more learn to love the people around us.

Faith really gives life a deeper meaning.

Life on earth is temporary. That’s why all people die eventually. Working hard for this temporary life will soon become futile and of little value when we’re already old and have done everything we could. The rich and the poor will be gone in this world sooner or later. So while we’re here on earth, and while we try to make our lives better, let’s also improve our spirituality. That will bring completeness of purpose in our lives.