How to Invest in the Philippines’ Blue Chip Companies

How to Invest in the Philippines’ Blue Chip Companies

Blue chip companies should be your stock investment.

What does “blue chip” companies mean?

They are reliable companies that have stood the test of time. These are high-selling and quality-producing enterprises, corporation or conglomerate. They have a long-standing good reputation and people buy their products because of it. For sure, you’re one of those who buy or support what they sell. So they become profit-generating companies.

Well, instead of just being amazed by how successful they are, why not be part of these blue chip companies?

Oh, yes! You can be part of these big companies. And  this doesn’t have to be costly or expensive.

Here are our simple tips which can help you have your financial freedom and can give you the chance to be part of these companies:

Attend the seminars conducted by the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc.

The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc  (PSEi) regularly conducts free seminars in their new buidling at the Bonifacio Global Port. You’ll enjoy the seminars because you’ll learn and earn a lot one day soon if you follow the speakers’ advice. Just check their website or their social media accounts for more information.

Attend the seminars conducted by reliable broker companies.

Aside from attending the PSEi seminars, you may also avail of free seminars conducted by reliable broker companies such as the COL Financial Group, Inc.  They have excellent speakers who will enlighten you about the benefits of stock investing and other investment platforms which can help improve your financial status.

You may also try attending the seminars under the First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation.  They have a new platform where you can invest for as low as P2,500.00. And for a newbie in investing, you will definitely benefit from their investment scheme which will let you avail of blue chip companies in “one basket.” Want to find out about it? Register online for their seminars or for more information.

Invest in stocks or other investments which you’ll learn after attending free seminars.

When you invest in stocks, make sure you’ll be investing in blue chip companies. But don’t get us wrong. Investing won’t make you rich instantly! You also have to do something for that to happen. Choose the right broker, the right companies, as well as the best trading style which suits you.  You’ll realize these, of course, when you attend the free seminars we mentioned.

Don’ just invest in one or two companies. 

Distribute your funds in profit-producing companies. Think of the people’s needs, more than their wants, when you think of companies to invest in. And think long-term. Your investment should be where the products of companies will be in demand not just for today, but for the future. You should also consider investing in different types of companies. For example, invest in those dealing with infrastructure, with food, with technology, to name a few.

Add money to your stock or investment account.

Without adding money to it, you won’t earn much. Well, of course, you can just leave your initial deposit there and distribute that to various companies. With the right choice of companies, your fund will increase sooner or later anyway. But then, if you want to really benefit from your investment, add money to it regularly. That’s how good investors reach their financial freedom.

And what are these blue chip companies?

Examples of these are Shoemart, Jollibee, San Miguel Corporation, Metro Pacific, DMCI Holdings, Aboitiz and Meralco. These companies have been around for years and years now. Yet their products and services are still in demand. There are many more blue chip companies aside from these three which you will find out by attending seminars on stock investing.

Share your knowledge on stock investing.

You will feel successful in life when you share your knowledge on different things, most especially on stock investing. Sharing it with others and helping them feel financially-fulfilled will give you  more happiness. When you share, more people will be enlightened about financial literacy. This will eventually help your country progress too!

You see, being a stockholder of blue chip companies are not at all hard to accomplish. Your broker, the PSEi, as well as your friends who are into stocks, will help you make your first step to financial literacy and freedom. And there’s no better day than today to make that first step. Start your investment journey now and look forward to brighter days ahead!