Good News! You Can Invest in What You Drink and Eat

Good News! You Can Invest in What You Drink and Eat

Have you ever tried reading what’s written at the back of your favorite snack foods? As you savor the taste and love the products, have you thought about how nice it could be to be part of the company that produces these delectable foods? If you haven’t done yet, this is now your chance to be really connected with your favorite drinks and foods! Imagine getting more than just enjoying drinking and eating them by making yourself financially better through them. How? It’s pretty easy! You can invest in what you drink and eat.

And just how do you invest in what you drink and eat?

It’s just a simple thing to do.

Buy stocks.

Here, you literally invest in the company where your favorite products are being produced or manufactured. For as low as five thousand pesos, you can now be a stockholder in the Philippine Stock market! And you should consider buying shares under the Universal Robina Corporation or URC.

URC is one of the best and most trusted multinational companies  in the country.

It deals with a plethora of products, from food snacks and healthy beverages, cookies, candies, sandwich cakes, chocolate-filled biscuits, healthy pasta and noodles, flour, sugar, to poultry and hog farming, animal feeds and so much more.

If you’re a Filipino and you patrionize URC products because of their good quality and taste, then you might as well invest in what you drink and eat.

Still curious about their products? I’m sure you eat and drink them but are not aware they’re URC products.

It is the company that gives you Nova chips, Chippy, Piattos, Tortillos, Mr. Chips, C2 beverages, Great Taste and Blend 45 coffee. It also provides you with Nissin cup noodles, Payless instant mami and canton. Aside from this, it offers B’lue water plus drinks, Vitasoy, Cream-O cookies, chocolate and prawn crackers. And because you’re fond of pasta, it gives you El Real Spaghetti and Macaroni, El Real Healthy (Malunggay) spaghetti, and party pasta. These are just some of the products you love to drink and eat.

URC has also reached international recognition because of its timely innovations and ever growing consumer satisfaction.

It has partner companies in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Oceania. Its products are also exported in the United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and even in Africa.

URC has been around for over 50 yrs! It will be worth investing in its stocks because of its reliability and good reputation here and abroad.

What’s the story and who’s the man behind URC?

This company is one of the successful endeavors of John Gokongwei Jr. under his empire, the JG summit Holdings. This great businessman and leader is also behind the success of Cebu Pacific and Robinson’s Corporation. Mr. Gokongwei is now considered one of the richest Filipinos, according to Forbes Magazine.

Buying shares from his company also means being inspired by Mr. Gokongwei’s perseverance to succeed in life. This was because he also experienced failure and financial loss. Yet his determination to bring his businesses to success gave him the motivation to strive harder.

Now he gets to help people by allowing even ordinary people to buy shares from the companies he painstakingly brought to success. He also provides jobs to many Filipinos. This admirable man not only gets to help his family, he also gets to help his fellowmen and his country.

Now that you have enough background about URC, what are you waiting for? It’s high time you invest in what you drink and eat! Invest in good quality and buy stocks of URC.