Tips on How to Earn and Save Money while Having Fun

Tips on How to Earn and Save Money while Having Fun

It’s a real challenge to earn and save money in this Digital Age. There are so many temptations everywhere. From amazing gadgets, expensive foods and clothes, to cars and travel opportunities. They all spell one thing- expenses. And it’s pretty hard not to give in to these temptations, especially when you have some cash to spare.

But you need to earn and save your money too! Yet when you think about doing these, you feel a bit sad. This is because you might not be able to have  funds when you need to unwind or have fun.

Hey, worry not! You just have to manage your funds very well. And you can really do it. Just follow the tips we prepare for you here.

Allocate your funds for all your needs.

You can do this by preparing envelopes and putting labels on them. For example, you may label the first as Bill Payments. Label the next envelope as Food and Transportation Expenses, then the next as Emergency Funds. After this, you may label another envelope as Investment Funds. Then label your last envelope as “Funds for Self.” This last one is for your “Me” time, where you can enjoy your fund for movies, clothes, travel promos and so much more.

Arrange your envelopes according to your priorities, but payments should always come first. And make sure that you always add money to these envelopes to meet your goal of earning and saving.

Invest in order to earn and save.

Investing in stocks is one sure way of earning money without doing much effort. Have fun doing it! Imagine doing nothing yet your money is growing! Well, it’s not as easy as that. There’s a big risk when you invest yet it’s still worth taking.

Unlike in the years gone by where only the millionaires had the chance to become stockholders, you can now invest at an affordable amount. That’s good news indeed!

First of all, attend seminars about stock investing.

From there, choose a reliable broker who can advise you on the type of investment that will best suit you. You may invest in mutual funds where professionals get to manage your stocks for you, or you may prefer to choose your own companies to invest your stocks in. You may opt to have active or passive trading. And you will learn all about this upon joining seminars on investments or financial literacy programs.

You may also consider applying for insurances which will better prepare you for future concerns and retirements. And yes! It’s better to prepare for these things while you’re still young.

As you invest, have fun!

Investing can be fun! From the people you will meet in the seminars who can even become your future business partners, to all the tips and investment schemes you will glean from them.

Enjoy the learning and the fact that you are preparing for a more secure future for you and your family!

Enjoy the notices of dividends and stock rights offering (SRO) that you will receive from time to time.

If you’re able to choose companies that are reliable and have stood the test of time, for sure you’ll receive some benefits. Enjoy receiving Notices of Dividends from your email. These will help increase the money in your stock account.

Stock Rights Offering are exciting too! Imagine being able to buy shares of stocks at a much lower price than what’s available on the stock market. The companies where you invest in will notify you through your online stock account about it.  Just follow their procedures on how you can avail of this privilege exclusive for their stockholders.

Add funds to your stock account and you’re sure to earn and save money.

Make sure to add money to your stock account monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. It all depends on how you prioritize your money. Adding funds to it will provide you with bigger opportunity to earn and save more. Because the money you invest is really your savings for the future. Don’t get this fund for as long as you can and it will grow bigger than you imagine. That is, if you can choose the right companies to invest in.

Use your talents and skills to earn and save money.

Be an online tutor, or have online jobs that will expose your talents and skills. When you do the things where you’re passionate at, you will do it with all your heart and you will succeed. So use the talents God gave you and the skills you’ve learned through the years. Because you can earn from that.

Sell things in good quality that you no longer need.

You can benefit from garage sales because you can earn from them. If you have accumulated things inside your house and you realize they can still be useful to others, sell them! And you can even use your earnings here to have fun! Get that travel promo and go to places you dream of. Or just do anything to please yourself and to make your life a lot better.

Buy in thrift stores and in malls during sale seasons.

You will be amazed at the products in many thrift stores and garage sales. You’ll appreciate the modern and classy styles of clothes, bags and other goods that you will find in these types of shops or stores. Many of the items have original brands and still new. While those “buy one take one”  sales in malls will help you save money too.

At the end of the day, you should realize that as you earn and save, you can be happy too.

Think about the positive things these goals will provide you in the future. And while you’re doing this, have fun also. Do the things you want to do. Just don’t overspend, live within your means, and enjoy your life. You deserve it.