How to Handle Bullies

How to Handle Bullies

Bullies come in different shapes and sizes, and may either be young or old. They are everywhere that no matter what age we’re in, we are prone to experience them sooner or later in our lives. We just have to learn how to handle them. But how?

Here are some ways to do it:

Don’t become a victim of bullies.

They will devour you if it’s obvious that you’re scared of them. Bullies will surely take advantage of your fear and will make your life miserable. Don’t be a victim! Always have a companion when you’re walking, or inform the right people about it. There is an anti-bullying law. Read it and use it to defend yourself, especially if you’re being humiliated in public, and if they’re really wreaking havoc in your life. Report them to the authorities and file legal actions to stop them from their intention of harming you for a long time.

Ignore them if you can.

Giving them attention or being affected by their bullying will give them happiness and satisfaction. So don’t show them you’re affected and are hurting or embarrassed. Ignore them if you can, as long as they’re not causing you physical harm. Otherwise, take advantage of the anti-bullying act to protect yourself.

Try to know where they’re coming from. 

Bullies have experienced bullying as well. That’s why they want to look for people they can bully too. They think that by bullying others, they will feel satisfaction or happiness. But the truth is, they just feel the need to bully more because they are really insecure, mistreated, abused, unhappy and oftentimes unloved people. If you have become aware of their real situation, you will be able to handle them more. This is because you know why they’re the way they are.

Surround yourself with supportive people.

Always make sure that you’re surrounded with people who care for you. They will protect you from toxic people who wish to cause you harm. Being in the midst of these people will give you additional protection should the bullies have every intention of becoming physically harmful.

Believe in yourself.

They will try to cause harm to you mentally and physically. Bullies will tell you things that may make you doubt yourself. That’s why there are people who resort to suicide because they believed what these bullies told them. Don’t allow them to do that to you. Believe in yourself, in your character, skills and talents. You know yourself more than these bullies do. So don’t let them ruin you. They are harsh and mean because they want to demean you.

Don’t forget that it’s not really about you, it’s all about them.

They resort to bullying because they have their own problems that they cannot handle or solve themselves. Problems that trigger their insecurity, stress, anxiety, doubts, dissatisfaction and restlessness. They are really lonely people that they want other people to suffer too. So it’s not at all about you when they become harsh, abusive, insulting and harmful.

Love yourself more. And be happy you’re not like them. It means you don’t have a problem with yourself.