Stroll in the Mall as a Stockholder, not as a Customer

Stroll in the Mall as a Stockholder, not as a Customer

You love to stroll in the mall as a customer, don’t you? This is especially true if you’re in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. But has it ever crossed your mind that you can  stroll in the mall as a stockholder?!

Well, the malls in this country are pretty special. You just don’t go there to buy groceries and other products.

There is something about its malls that will draw you to them. It could be the wide array of products, food stalls and restaurants, cinemas, different clothing lines and shoe stores. Or it could just be the coolness of malls which everyone loves to take advantage of, given the almost always humid climate of the country. What’s more, the malls here are beautifully created, allowing you to relax and have fun just being inside them.

It could also be that you just love strolling in the mall to window shop or meet friends.  But you’ll love it more if you stroll as a stockholder and not just as a customer!

Yes, that is very much possible.

Gone were the days when only the rich could invest in the Philippine stock market. For as low as five thousand pesos, you can now invest in the companies whose products you always patronize!

So how do you start investing in the stock market, and buy shares of a mall or malls? Allow us to enlighten you with these tips.

First, choose a broker that has a long standing status and is reliable.

Check the schedules of their free seminar.

Attend the seminars and don’t be ashamed to ask questions.

From the seminar, get the form of the broker for opening an account. If you have your five thousand pesos or more with you, then ask the broker company’s representative to deposit the fund for you.

Likewise, from the seminar, ask for the list of most trusted companies so that you can choose which ones you can wisely invest in.

Browse the list and check the codes for malls. Then check the minimum number of shares you can buy. You will find it in your account under your preferred broker’s website. It is the one termed “boardlot.”

Aside from the companies where the malls belong, you may also consider investing in other companies with very good reputation.

It is important that you distribute your funds in different companies.

This is because as the stock market’s performance varies, some companies may go down while some may go up. So distributing your funds will help you gain money more easily because you’re not just relying on the performance of only one company.

Monitor your investment online to determine the performance of companies you choose to invest in.

Don’t be discouraged during the days when the companies’ stocks turn “red’. Think instead that you can buy shares of stocks with lower price.

If you have extra money or savings, don’t forget to add funds to your account. Buy more stocks!

You may also consider investing through mutual funds. This is where you invest money with professionals managing your account for you.

Inform others about it.

Don’t you know that as of this writing, less than one percent of the population invested in the stock market? There are only about 700,000 accounts in the PSEi.

By telling others about stock investing, you will be able to help people’s economic status. And there’s one more good news when you do it. You’re helping your country prosper too!

You see, strolling in the mall will be more meaningful if you invest in its stocks.

The feeling of accomplishment will be so strong you’ll be happy to share your knowledge in stock investing. It’s a ripple reaction. You help yourself, you also help your loved ones, friends, relatives, fellowmen and your country!

So what’s stopping you? Search for a reliable broker and start investing now!