How to Spend your Year-End Bonus Wisely

How to Spend your Year-End Bonus Wisely

Wow, you’ve finally received your year-end bonus! You’re so excited you wish to spend it all to reward yourself.

Should your year-end bonus be spent this way or not?

Nope, this shouldn’t be the way to spend your year-end bonus.

Always remember that money, to be wisely used, should be coming in, not coming out.

It’s okay to reward yourself. Travel, dine out with family, or buy gifts not just for loved ones but for yourself. But don’t spend all of your year-end bonus. Save some of it for these:


Your bonus will be very well-spent if you use some of it for investment. Choose blue-chip companies to buy stocks, or invest in insurances which provide stocks and other investment schemes aside from the benefits of having an insurance policy.

Have your checkup.

For sure you opt not to visit your doctor all these months or years because of other priorities. But you must realize that you must have a  healthy body because you’re your greatest investment! So you’d better spend some of your bonus for your checkup. It will be for your own good.

Pay your debts.

This is definitely one of the best gifts you can give yourself this Yuletide Season. Imagine the stress and anxiety of having debts and loans. Paying your debts will surely give you that peace of mind you’ve been longing to have for a long time now.


Saving even a little amount from your bonus will be your advantage. Your savings may serve as your emergency fund or the money you can easily get if needed. And saving should be done more often, not just whenever you receive a bonus.

Start a micro-business.

There’s nothing better than creating other avenues to generate income. Because you can’t rely on one source of income only. You need to have other sources for emergencies, retirement, or your family’s future. So why not try having a micro-business or a sideline through your bonus?

Use some for house maintenance.

These days when you often find yourself stressed, worried or depressed, there’s no better comfort than going home to a place where you can really rest and unwind. But what if your house needs some repairs? It doesn’t have to be such big renovations because your bonus might not even be enough to shoulder the cost. Just spend some of your bonus for immediate repairs to avoid roof  leakage, or to have the necessary repainting of old furniture and walls.

These are just some of the ways you can spend your year-end bonus wisely.

Doing these will give you the feeling of satisfaction, success, happiness and contentment long after your bonus was spent.