Each Single Person Should Do These Things First Before Looking For a Special Someone

Each Single Person Should Do These Things First Before Looking For a Special Someone

Don’t get depressed and envious of people who already have a special someone. Time has a way of revealing things in your single life that will surprise you in a big and awesome way!

But if you’re really wondering why your knight in shining armor or your lovely princess has not yet appeared, just think that you still have to do these things first:

Know and enjoy yourself.

You’re unique and special. There’s no one else quite like you. You didn’t just appear on earth. Truth is you really have a purpose. So while you’re still single, enjoy yourself. There’s so much to learn about you. Go out there, break a leg and live your life to the fullest.

Study hard.

It will be one of your keys to success. Don’t get inspired by the thought of people not finishing studies and conquering the world through their success. Those people had the resources to leave school. They were also geniuses. They left school because they could set up a business or make a difference in the world because of their brains and resources.

So study hard. Aim to achieve exemplary grades. Enjoy studying. Those years will soon pass. So enjoy every moment you’re with your classmates and teachers. You won’t be together forever.

Work and learn.

When it’s time for you to work, enjoy it too. Enjoy your salary and share your blessings with your family and those in need. Have the eagerness to learn your tasks and be grateful to the people supporting you at work.

You must also upgrade yourself once in a while. Attend seminars, workshops, short-term courses and training which will help you immensely to achieve self-fulfillment and career growth.


Travel is one of the most enjoyable things you can do as a single. Travel with friends, family, relatives, people you want to be with, or travel alone. Enjoy the moment! It will help lessen your stress, anxiety or loneliness. Most of all, it will enlighten you about life, about the people you will meet and about the places you’ll see.

Check relationship with family, relatives, friends, and pets.

Before you enter into a relationship, check your relationship first with your family, relatives, friends, and even pets. Are you handling all your relationships well? If things are not going smoothly, do you analyze the situation if you’re the one to blame? Can you ask for forgiveness if you’re at fault? Do you have the patience to love the unlovable things about the people close to you?

Oftentimes, you have to look yourself in the mirror and answer those questions. Your answers will also determine why you’re still single. You’re a work in progress. There are some things you have to work on first before finding your special someone.


Being a successful single won’t be possible without your having to save some of your money. It is a must not only for singles, but for every person, young and old. It’s not wise to spend your money carelessly because life is not that easy nowadays. Inflation, bills, debts, or loans can make your life miserable if you don’t manage your funds wisely.

Get part-time jobs.

Don’t just rely on one source of fund. You have to make multiple income streams.

You’ll benefit from part-time jobs. And there are so much to choose from. From online jobs and tutorials in your neighborhood, you only have to apply where you’re good at.

Set up a business.

If you feel the urge to set up a business to fulfill your lifelong dream of managing your own company, then take the risk. Start small but dream big. And choose the kind of business that you’re passionate about.


Don’t just save. As a single, it’s also important for you to invest in stocks, insurance, real estate or mutual funds. Attend free seminars to know about these platforms before investing.

These investments will eventually provide you with a better life. You will be able to reach your financial freedom through different investment schemes. Just don’t forget to add money regularly to your investment accounts.

Improve spiritual life.

Majority of successful people live happier and more fulfilled lives because they improved their spiritual lives. They realized that all of us will leave this earth sooner or later. Then what’s next for us? If you are a believer, then you must eventually have a deeper relationship with God to have that ultimate contentment and happiness in your life.

Know the difference between a boy and a girl.

Let’s go back to your being single and your longing to find your special someone. What if you have already done all the must-do things for single and you’re now ready to really have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

There’s something you must still do. Realize the big difference between the attitude of a boy and a girl.  Know what makes a person tick. Accept the fact that one is more emotional than the other, and that one is less expressive than the other. This way, you won’t expect too much from the person, but will accept him or her for all that he or she is.

While you wait for the right one, ready yourself to be the right person too.

Be that right person for your future special someone. Prepare yourself for that. If you’re not yet ready, then this might be the reason why you’re still single.

Nevertheless, enjoy your life, whether you’re single or not. Remember, you’re unique and special and there’s no one quite like you. So go ahead and celebrate yourself and your life.